Projects at Nuanti

Nuanti supports and contributes to several Open Source projects including:

WebKit GTK+

Nuanti is a primary contributor and driver of the WebKit GTK+ port and our engineers have been the force behind several major developments since early 2007.

We also work on applications built on top of WebKit GTK+ and have compiled a case study of some of our community work in the GNOME project that's now available online: Case studies: Porting from Mozilla® Gecko to WebKit

The NDesk Project


NDesk provides standards-based implementations of open specifications pertaining to the free desktop. An emphasis is placed on correctness, performance and portability, with MIT licensing terms used to ensure that the platform code is available to all integrators without bias.

NDesk also hosts projects which integrate the standard implementations to produce original research into the desktop platform that has already yielded inspiration and working code for applications that ship today with the GNOME desktop environment, Xorg and other projects.

WebKit Accessibility

Nuanti has added WebKit accessibility support using ATK. The framework allows motor-impaired and vision-impaired users to enjoy the web by exploiting semantic document structures and WAI-ARIA markup.

We encourage our corporate consulting clients to sponsor this effort.

WebKit HTML5

Nuanti developers have driven HTML5 in WebKit's open ports. We've developed and contributed these and other features to WebKit:

Managed D-Bus

D-Bus is the IPC system that bridges applications on the Linux desktop.

Managed D-Bus is the implementation used by dozens of programs. It features dynamic code generation and live introspection capabilities.

(concept stage) Connected TV Framework is an RPC I/O mechanism and nascent standard for second-screen television microsite and advertisment delivery.

We also develop commercial software products including:

Nuanti WebKit Meta™


Meta is a WebKit port suited to embedding of WebKit in hardware devices, OpenGL and DirectX applications, games and 3D virtual environments.

Nuanti HighGate™


The HighGate Media Suite adds HTML5 Theora video streaming to Internet Explorer and other Silverlight-capable browsers without the need for a plugin.

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